1. You have to be a Senior Member Plus (have been a member for 15 days with a post count of 75), or a Site Supporter (Level of site supporter is insignificant) to post items for sale on the Forumz.
2. Post pics if at all possible!
3. Post Asking Price or BIN Price.
4. No Auctions allowed!
5. Do NOT bash another members thread. If you don't like the price, keep it to yourself. No one want's to hear what you think they should ask for their stuff!
6. If you have no intention of buying, don't reply to the thread unless you have something nice to say.
7. Breaking Rules 4,5, and 6 will get you an infraction. The forum is set to auto ban at 3 infractions. You have been warned.

Keep it Real, Keep it Clean, Keep it REAL CLEAN!